Software as a Service


The Challenge of Deploying a Business Software

Traditionally, deploying large-scale business-critical software systems, such as ERP and CRM application suites, has been a major and costly project. Deploying these systems across a large organization can cost millions of dollars. The time, effort, and budget requirements of a deployment of this kind of project represents a significant risk and expense for a business of any size, and often puts such software out of the reach of smaller organizations.

SaaS applications don’t require the deployment of a large infrastructure at the customer’s location, which eliminates or drastically reduces the upfront commitment of resources. Also, giving prospective customers a chance to try the software for a limited period before they buy it helps eliminate much of the risk surrounding software purchase.

Working with leading SaaS technology vendors, Infofabrica has developed numerous SaaS platforms to help Enterprise and corporate end-users make use of innovative user-centric business applications.

Our SaaS platforms includes freshwork, Druva and Google G-suite.

SaaS Solutions

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