Migration Service

Migration Service

your initiatives to cloud

We provide Migration Service that helps customers decide how and when to move workloads to cloud. Our approach provides a structured cloud strategy mitigating risks and uncertainties from the customers.

By understanding your environment and business goals, we can help identify the workloads suitable for cloud and which should remain in the on-premise datacentre.

Migration Phases


Migration Readiness Assessment (MRA)

  • Analyze enterprise application portfolio to assess cloud suitability, optimal landing zone and establish migration path
  • Application Prioritization define criteria for moving to or starting application to the cloud.
  • Migration Approach identify migration approach based on Cloud Migration Strategies (6 Rs).
  • Assessment Report – Based on migration path and application TCO, create migration roadmap and assess potential risk of migration

Migration Readiness Planning (MRP)

  • Migration portfolios, strategy and plans are created
  • A pilot phase is executed to migrate select applications into cloud. Architect landing zone

Large Scale Waves Migration Execution

The applications identified are grouped into migration waves and then executed using standard processes and tools

  • Step 1 – Foundational Migration Services : Architect core infrastructure components for cloud integration before the migration
  • Step 2 – Waves Migration Workbenches : Migrates a number of applications in a short time by completing migration waves through automation and parallel sprints
  • Step 3 – Migration validation and verification : Implements business & technical capabilities and verification for ensuring that the wave migration in alignment to the objectives set during adoption

IT Transformation

  • Re-tool for adoption and change management. Consider the usage of Cloud-base IT Service or Native Cloud Services for operations and management.
  • Adopting IT transformation through a structured program helps organizations deliver IT services at different speeds to the end users

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