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AWS Outpost

With ever growing compliance arising and perhaps even to address the needs of physical latency, AWS has just recently introduced Outpost services in their previous keynote. AWS Outpost provides business with option to run VMC or Native AWS Services at customer data centre of choice. Outpost offers flexibility to business to start with a single node and expand all the way to a full rack, Outpost is modular in a way that upgrades can also be done on the go, whereby hardware can be shipped to AWS and exchanged for a better one or replaced in the event a fault is encountered.

Outpost is designed to be fully managed and operated by AWS. Any patches and Updates will be done by AWS. The customer would just use it as it is, without the need to operate the stack. Health Metrics will be provided to the customer via AWS Console.

AWS Outpost is now generally available in South-East Asia Region (Singapore).

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