DevOps: where to start?

DevOps, DevOps, DevOps. We never get enough of reading the term these days. For those who have not been around to explore this, they wonder where to start. The published materials on AWS would be a good starting point. It educates people on how to build the right foundation and customized narratives based on the...
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Infofabrica Next-Gen Managed Services on AWS

Unless you have been living in the old IT cave or rabbit hole, our industry has been dealing with a nucleus demand to familiarize and equip ourselves with everything DevOps. Different layers of entity, companies from small incubated ones, medium-sized retailers, up to large enterprises are racing against one another in order to keep themselves...
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Moving Workloads to the Cloud

Get To The Cloud Faster Commvault® software can help you move your workloads across platforms in just a few clicks — accelerating your time-to-value when migrating to AWS. It provides the bridge from legacy to transitional hybrid to true exploitation of the public cloud. By leveraging your backup copies, it reduces the risk and simplifies...
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Google Cloud Onboard 2019

Seamless Transformation to a Secure Enterprise Workload on Google Cloud Platform Google Cloud Onboard 2019:  On-stage demo session of PT InfoFabrica Consulting Indonesia, is about Seamless Transformation to a Secure Enterprise Workload on Google Cloud Platform. And a use case of a public aviation management company. Cloud OnBoard is coming back to Jakarta with a new interactive...
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