Angkasa Pura Suport

Accelerating business growth with InfoFabrica and Google

About Angkasa Pura Suport

Established in 2012, Angkasa Pura Support (APS) is one of the four subsidiaries of Angkasa Pura I (Persero), provides international standard, comprehensive, and integrated property maintenance services, and supports other services required for the management of airports that hold the international standard.

Industry: Aerospace
Location: Indonesia

Angkasa Pura Suport migrated to Google Cloud to improve its work processes to drive and influence business directives.

Google Cloud results

Seamless migration to Google Cloud with minimum downtime

Setup, configure, and implement new servers from weeks to a few days


Delivers reliable infrastructure after cloud migration

The Business Challenges

The increase in air travel, coupled with several major aircraft incidents affecting Indonesia’s air transportation system reputation, is a constant challenge for APS. To face this, APS migrated more workloads that provide a reliable infrastructure to support business directives, increase service, and keep up with the changing aviation environment, not limited by hardware and long turnaround times.

The Solution

InfoFabrica continued to support APS with new additional workloads, including provisioning typical workloads with a standardized configuration such as Compute Engine. Highly utilized servers that run on GCP were migrated from on-premise with bespoke computing powers. After a series of assessment workshops and automated migration tools (Velostrata), the APS’s instances were migrated seamlessly.

The Results

The seamless migration to Google Cloud with minimum downtime, helped APS on setup, configure, and implement new servers from weeks to a few days for particular workloads. The short time to market on GCP helps APS in keeping up with the dynamic environment to achieve customer satisfaction, and to meet stakeholder demands by providing the supporting infrastructure for business drivers.

InfoFabrica services made cloud migration effort become so seamless with just a few of simple steps.

Aditya Nataprawira
Assistant Manager Post Sales and Office Support at APS

Mutual Benefits with InfoFabrica

APS migrated to Google Cloud in September 2018 for a more reliable and scalable cloud environment. “We wanted to shift our focus back to the core IT business rather than functioning as a cost center. We wanted to provide a reliable infrastructure to support the business directives. To do that, we needed to be able to self-manage so we could drive and influence business directives,” Nataprawira says.

APS is currently using Google Cloud products such as Cloud StorageCompute EngineStackdriver, and third-party applications such as Palo Alto Networks and SAP. With the help of IT consulting firm InfoFabrica, APS went through a smooth proof-of-concept process and ran a successful migration test of the workload to be run on cloud, leading the company to decide on Google Cloud. “We chose Google Cloud because of its ability to fulfill our requirements directly, with quantifiable and workable solutions,” Nataprawira says.

About InfoFabrica Pte Ltd.

InfoFabrica formerly known as Fast Lane Consulting was established in 2013. Over the years, it has grown to become a leading IT consulting organisation specialising in cloud, virtualisation, data storage and protection technologies. InfoFabrica provides customers with IT expertise and solutions, ranging from infrastructure design and training, to consulting and managed services. As of December 2020, InfoFabrica has merged with Cloud Kinetics!

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