IFF Data Management with Druva and AWS

Druva is Built on AWS
IFF, Druva + AWS, Better Together
  • Remove the burden on your network and storage by leveraging AWS as the underlying platform to centralize data protection across servers, endpoints and cloud applications.
  • Employ multiple information management services on a single golden copy of data; backup, archiving, governance and analytics without replicating data or infrastructure.
  • Ensure your growing, global organization’s data is always covered with the global reach, durability, and infinite, on-demand scale of the cloud.
Druva and AWS Break the Data Center to Cloud Barrier
AWS Native Architecture:

Easily scale into the petabytes with unmatched storage flexibility, data durability, and security, with a fully cloud-architected data protection solution.

Global Storage Footprint:

Meet data residency and compliance requirements, with over 14 global AWS storage regions that are on-demand when needed.

Patented Storage Technology:

Lower costs with Druva’s patented global deduplication technology, forever increment backups and auto-tiering of data from hot, warm to long-term cold storage in AWS.

Snowball Integration for Petabyte-Scale Workload Mobility:

Easily move large workloads to and from the cloud with Snowball Edge’s plug and play as-a-Service capabilities, pre-configured with Druva’s data management technology, at no extra cost.

Direct Connect Integration:

Eliminate data protection hardware with integrated AWS Direct Connect support for high-speed, low latency transfers.