Our values and philosophy

In Infofabrica, we shared seven core values based on F.A.B.R.I.C.A: Family, Accountability, Believe, Respect, Integrity, Collaboration, Adaptability. Iff strives to be a company where everyone will be proud of by incorporating our valuves in our everyday lives.

We are always open to our people to take up new challenges through opportunities to broaden their horizons in many different ways. We want the best for our people and ensure our people will always be part of Infofabrica’s Family.

Infofabrica is a place where people can do their best and shine their talents.

Core Values are what makes us…


We are a great team with winning culture.

We care about all our people.

We provide our people with right job and a journey of success.

We work hard and have fun together.


We take ownership and standby for good outcome.

We hold accountability to our customers, our partners, our vendors and our people.


We believe in honest and giving the best quality of work to our customers.

We believe in excellence, we do, we focus on result and act ambitiously.


We respect by considering multiple perspectives and listening deeply.

We treat everyone the way we would like to be treated.


We work with integrity in the heart of our corporate responsibility commitments.

Actively identifying issues faced and coming up with the best solutions.


We maintain a collaborative environment where each team’s members voice will be heard, valued and respected

We work together as one team to share ideas and best practices.

We help one another to grow personally and professionally.


We choose to be where we are the happiest and most productive.
We grow with freedom and responsibility.